Additional Information


This involves embroidering brand details. Embroidery is a machine-based process in which the logo is digitized into a file, which can be understood by the machine before the needle and thread automatically create the design; which means there can be some limitations when it comes to size and complexity but we will always advise if we have any concern about your logo.

Colour Matched Fabric

We can source bulk fabrics that are unprocessed, unwashed and colorless, which means they can be dyed to meet your exact requirements. At Soby Sports, we use the code-based Pantone color system. The idea is to control the exact measures of dye, resulting in a consistent and reliable color match every time.


We offer a variety of printing methods, the most common ones are screen printing and sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is the best method for team uniforms and sportswear which allows vibrant, full color and all over prints. Heat Transfer, Screen Printing / Vinyl Heat Transfer facilities are also available.

Custom Fabric

Fabric is arguably the most important factor in cloth production and affects the function, comfort, and lifespan of a garment. As part of our commitment to quality, we only source the highest quality yarns from our vast network of well-known fabric suppliers and textile mills. We also understand the custom needs of customers and their brands. We allow full control of the composition of the fabric, and then dye it with Pantone color matching to meet your specifications. We can also apply other cleaning agents to increase softness and improve hand feel.

Badges & Patches

Badges and patches are a universal alternative to traditional woven labels, and a unique way to display a logo or brand name. Implementing custom badges and patches is cost-effective and we can provide it in a very low minimum order quantity. We can also customize patches to your provided specifications with a variety of options for patches, metal badges, leather and faux leather.